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Access Control Installation by bestlocksmith.caToronto access control has been working for several years in the area for the provision of ample security equipment and infrastructure. Through our services, you can have the security assessment for your domestic or commercial establishment. For instance, if you have shifted your business to a new place and you need a rough idea in order to implement the efficient access control, you would just need to place a phone call and our representative will be there in no time providing you the cost-effective and robust solution. Toronto access control is a pioneer in manufacturing of ID cards and Fob keys. This access control is considered the contemporary access control mechanism as the card or fob key is programmed with the identity check and when they interact with the machine, the user information is checked from the central system and the entry is logged. After validation, the individual is allowed to pass through the door. Toronto access control not only provides the specially programmed cards but also takes the responsibility of installation, maintenance, and repair of card reader after having approval from your side. We provide contemporary card readers that not only read your card during swipe but also checks the card from a distance of 1 meter through a scanner and lets the user pass through the door.

Toronto access control provides the cost-effective solutions for the provision of emergency exist buttons and switch. We install them on the special doors which are expected to be utilized in case of a fatal incident or any emergency situation. Furthermore, Toronto access control provides the installation, repair, and maintenance of electric strikes at your doorstep. We have designed such devices with the latest technology and enabled the users to install them at their doors without the need of a professional technician.

Toronto access control also provides the support for those access controls which you install at your own. In most of the cases, electric strike is connected with the buzzers that let know people inside the building about people standing outside the building. There are normally two types of electrics strikes, the first type is referred to as fail-secure that is connected with the electricity for its smooth function. However, in the case of electricity loss, it can be simply opened by the means of knob. The second type is referred to as fail-safe, in this type; the lock is integrated with the electricity and remains active until the electricity remains in the circuit of strike. After a power loss, the magnetic in lock does not work and the door began to function normally.

Toronto access control manufactures the quality control boards which are responsible for pin input, high-end connection with the backend system and the high download and upload speed to prevent any hindrance between the connection of database and device. The control boards are manufactured with the interactive touch screen in order to prevent any error while entering the pin to gain access. Our company keeps the clients in touch with the latest prevailing technologies so you are enabled to upgrade your access control hardware and software according to your changing security requirements.

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