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Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions by Best Locksmith

Q: Why I should consider for a professional locksmith?

Best Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions by bestlocksmith.caProfessional locksmiths are trained in order to deal with every type of lock. They are equipped with the knowledge to use tools to understand and solve the problem regarding security problems. Your unique problem is common for them as they used to deal them on daily basis. Furthermore, a professional locksmith provides robust and efficient services at your doorstep without disrupting the lock functions to prevent you from financial loss with the replacement of lock.

Q: For a key marked “Not to Duplicate”, can a copy of it acquired?

The keys which are marked do not duplicate, not for copy, unauthorized copy prohibited etc are considered critical. Every individual cannot acquire such keys as the acquisition of such keys involves the special paper work. The duplication of such keys involves the identification of real owner in order to determine that the owner is legit. A letter for duplication is written to the head or supervisor of Locksmith Company with the identity of key, reason for duplication; number duplicate keys which are required, complete information of a person who is intending to acquire the keys, the individual who is responsible for the collection of the keys. The company reserves the right to reject the request of duplication for such keys.

Q: I face difficulty to withdraw or insert the key or I feel it difficult to turn the lock.

To cope with such situation, there are several solutions. For instance, you can use the spray comprising of light oil for penetration i.e. WD-40. You can have this oil easily from any hardware store, supermarket, and drug store easily. Just spray the oil into the mechanism and keyhole and after that just give a try by inserting key, don’t try to take the lock out of door as you may worsen the situation.

Q: I have misplaced keys of my car.

To cope with such situation, a special key code is provided with the car. The exception is that only the original buyer can have the access to the code and no other can use it. So, if you are real owner, you had been provided with the code on the receipt which can be used in such situation for unlocking the auto. However, professional locksmith would only be able to serve you after verification of your ownership in such circumstances.

Q: What is re-keying and master keying?

The process of re-keying by a professional locksmith is the special process of tumbler adjustment of a lock in order to assure that only new created specific key may be used with the lock. Many individuals ask for the re-keying of lock in such situation where a number of keys have been distributed amongst the other individuals of family or business establishment.

Master keying describes a process in which a key is created to open two or more locks. The master key provides the option to open all locked zones with just a single key.

Q: Can I purchase tools to open locks?

No one is permitted to purchase such tools as it is illegal and can be used for illegal unlocking purposes.

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